Monday, March 19, 2012

Custom Grace Kelly Bracelet

I recently had the pleasure of creating this piece for a fabulous customer!  She contacted me to ask if I could recreate the Grace Kelly bracelet from the movie "Rear Window" and use all hand-picked lockets.  After many Etsy and Ebay searching, (and only one "locket" purchased that wasn't actually a locket)...this is what we came up with!

She did a fabulous job designing this piece, and I really enjoyed making it.  If you're eyeing that irresistible bee locket, you can find it here as a gorgeous and very unique necklace.

Thank you Jan for all of your patience and hard work putting this together!  You were a joy to work with!


  1. Would like to contact you to have Jan contact me! I sell jewelry and love love this piece!

  2. Hi elle! would you mind sending me an email, and we can discuss :)